The wineries - ECOTOURISM

The cellars of the Bages are mostly family farms, and all have vineyards. These features involve a traditional care and personalized the vineyard which results in the quality of their wines.

Currently there are 12 wineries offered by the D.O. Pla de Bages: Abadal winery, Celler Solergibert, Caves Gibert, Celler Coop. Artés, But St. iscle, More than Words, The Mill Winery, Celler Coop. Salelles, Heretat Mas Oller, Fargas Fargas, Grau winesCan Serra of exhibit

Look THE TRAIL OF THE CELLARS and take the opportunity to make a good trip of wine tourism

* Celler Piteus - Cardona / Degutacions and Cates Cardona

Find more options in Bages Earth Winesfrom routes to the wine vats, ballooning, bike-wine tastings and much more.