General conditions – Bookings

  • When formalizing a reservation, you will need to pay 40% of the amount of the stay to the account number indicated or via BIZUM. It is important to note in the communication of the entry, the same name of the person who requested the reservation and also the dates of entry and exit.
  • Aquelles reserves que es cancel·lin amb menys de 15 dies de temps, no tenen dret al retorn dels diners. Únicament dintre dels 15 dies abans de l’arribada, en casos d’hospitalització o força major i enviant el corresponent justificant, es podrà canviar les dates. No es faran canvis de dates per fenomens meteorològics. Si s’avisa amb més de 15 dies abans de l’arribada, serà retornat el 100% de l’import de la reserva.
  • The delay on the day of arrival or advance on the day of departure (either for medical reasons or adverse weather conditions) does not entitle you to reductions in the total price of the contracted reservation or returns.
  • If the guest leaves before the end date of the reservation, the total amount of the agreed stay must be paid.
  • On arrival at the campsite, you must pay the full remaining amount of the stay.
  • The plot's time arrival is at 13h.
    Check-in time for bungalows, 16:00
    Check-out time, 12:00 PM
  • En el moment de la sortida, es revisarà el bungalow per tal de comprovar la seva correcta utilització. Cal deixar el bungalow en les condicions de neteja tal i com s’ha trobat. Les parcel·les també seran revisades
  • Pets are not allowed in the bungalows. The campsite has pitches where we accept a pet per pitch. We recommend booking as there is little availability.


  1. The zone for them it is situated in the 4th level of the campsite. The animal inside of the campsite always ha has to be tied. This level has an exit/entrance door which allowes you to acces to a free zone next to the river in which you can walk and it also has an access to the main path of the campsite.
  2. It is not allowed to acces with your pet to the common areas like toiletes, barbacues, swimmingpool area and terrace next to the restaurant.
  3. It is not allowed to leave the pet alone in the campsite while the client goes out from the campsite (shopping, visites,..)
  4. External visitors cannot bring pets.