Charge your cart of vegetables and organic fruit and save you come home more loaded

THE CAMPSITE WE HAVE ORGANIC BASKETS of fruit and vegetables for the vegetable garden of the NAVARRO

The garden of Navarro "is a family of little over 1 and a half. Now 8 years ago I signed up to the "Catalan Council of Organic agricultural production" (CCPAE). The property is located next to the river Cardener, Súria, where you can enjoy wonderful landscapes and a very favorable for organic farming

Basket of fruit and vegetables (before Thursday it is necessary to let us know if you want a) of FIXED PRICE that includes the seasonal produce (15 € 25)

Get to know more about the exploitation of the orchard of the Navarro in their web or visit them at the “el Garbell” store in Súria

In our House you will also find products of the area such as sausages, meat, honey de Castelltallat and wines.